5 Common Dental Problems and How to Overcome Them

5 Common Dental Problems and How to Overcome Them
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Pawonkidulan | Teeth are one part of the body that is quickly problematic. Even though I have been diligently brushing my teeth every day, my teeth eventually have problems due to bad habits.

Several common problems occur with human teeth. If dental care is carried out correctly and regularly, these problems will slowly disappear.

Here are some common dental problems and how to fix them.

Bad breath

In many people, bad breath is an embarrassing problem.

Several factors cause bad breath. The dominant element is the condition of the teeth. Then, oral infections such as dry mouth, oral cancer, gum disease, and bacteria on the tongue.

Brush your teeth and use mouthwash regularly to get rid of bad breath. However, if you still feel the bad breath, consult a doctor immediately.

Stained teeth

Food, drink, drugs, and tobacco are common causes of discoloration of your teeth.

Proper dental care will remove many stains. Brush your teeth regularly, use toothpaste with whitening.

Besides, you can go to the dentist for further treatment. The doctor will use a particular substance to remove the stain on your teeth.

Cavities in teeth

Cavities in your teeth can be caused by bacteria that stick together, build up on your teeth, and slowly destroy tooth enamel.

To solve the cavity problem in your teeth, you should consult a dentist.

Meanwhile, what you can do is preventive measures. Brush your teeth regularly, at least twice a day. Use toothpaste air-fluoride.

Also, eat fewer snacks, floss your teeth, and regularly use a fluoride mouthwash.

Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are one of the problems that are often encountered. This problem can be found from adolescence to adulthood.

Basically, sensitive teeth are discomfort teeth due to stimulation from cold drinks, hot drinks, ice cream, cold air, and the like.

In severe cases, toothbrushes also cause discomfort for people with sensitive teeth. Even so, sharp teeth can actually be treated.

Consulting a doctor is the best way to get proper care of your sensitive teeth.

Grit your teeth

Gritting your teeth is called bruxism. The most common cause of bruxism is stress.

Children with specific allergies can experience this condition. The risks of bruxism are cracked teeth, loose teeth, jaw pain, and headaches.

Conditions bruxism can occur at night, while you sleep, inadvertently gnash your teeth. It can also happen during the day when you are awake and aware.

If bruxism occurs at night, you should see a dentist. Ask your dentist for mouth protection.

If bruxism occurs during the day, try meditation, exercise, or other activities to reduce stress.