Blueberries Health Benefits, from Preventing Cholesterol to Natural Anti-Aging

Blueberries Health Benefits from Preventing Cholesterol to Natural Anti-Aging
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Blueberries have many health benefits for the human body. Not surprisingly, blueberries are often referred to as super foods.

Blueberries are sweet, low in calories, and full of nutrients. The antioxidant content in blueberries can also help prevent inflammation and cell damage.

In a study by Denise McCormack and David McFadden, pterostilbene was found in blueberries. Pterostilbene is an antioxidant that helps prevent breast cancer and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Reporting from NutritionData, 148 grams of blueberries contain:

  • Fiber: 4 grams
  • Vitamin C: 24% of the RDI (Reference Daily Intake)
  • Vitamin K: 36% of the RDI (Reference Daily Intake)
  • Manganese: 25% of the RDI (Reference Daily Intake)

With different nutritional content, here are some of the benefits of blueberries that can improve your health:

Blueberries can control cholesterol levels

Blueberries can reduce LDL cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein) levels. Because blueberries contain phytosterols, compounds that can lower LDL levels.

LDL cholesterol is harmful cholesterol that builds upon the walls of the arteries, clogging the arteries.

Based on Carlos Eduardo Cabral and colleagues’ research, regular consumption of two grams of phytosterols a day shows a decrease in LDL levels by 8% to 10%.

Blueberries lower blood pressure

Routine consumption of blueberries has been shown to lower blood pressure.

King College London University research shows the effects of consuming a drink containing 200 grams of blueberries every day for one month. This effect is a reduction in blood pressure by 5 mmHg.

Another study, published in the National Library of Medicine, shows blueberries’ effects on postmenopausal women. Postmenopausal women who took 22 grams of blueberry powder daily for eight weeks experienced a significant blood pressure reduction.

Blueberries slow down the aging rate

The human body experiences oxidative DNA damage every day. According to research published in IntechOpen Limited, DNA damage occurs tens of thousands of times every day in the human body.

DNA oxidative damage is the principal reason why you were aging. DNA oxidative damage can also lead to the development of cancer.

Lonneke C. Wilms and colleagues conducted a study on the effect of blueberries on DNA. 168 people were asked to consume 1 liter of mixed blueberry and apple juice every day for four weeks. As a result, the oxidative damage to DNA due to free radicals was reduced by 20%.

Several other studies on blueberries yielded the same conclusions as Lonneke C. Wilms’ study.

Blueberries with high antioxidant content can neutralize some of the free radicals that cause damage your DNA, which are the main drivers of aging and cancer.

Blueberries contain many nutrients such as fiber, potassium, vitamin K, and vitamin C. That way, there are many benefits of blueberries for your body. This means that you should consume blueberries regularly for your health.