Conjunction in Paramasastra (Part 1)

Conjunction in Paramasastra (Part 1)

Pawonkidulan | In Indonesian, conjunctions are more commonly called Kata Sambung. In javanese. Wherever the words are on the outside and the sentences.

Conjunctions are useful for connecting two words, phrases, and sentences. The nature of the word is overwhelming. Whereas according to the sentence, conjunctions is about four.

Coordinate conjunction

It is a conjunction aimed at connecting words, phrases, or sentences with which they are related. It looks like, maybe, but, well, and, or, etc.

Subordinate conjunctions

It is a useful conjunction of words, phrases, or sentences whose status is unmatched. They are like, they are like, they are, like, consequence, therefore, etc.

Correlative conjunctions

It is a word that combines two or more words / phrases (excluding sentences) that have the same syntactic status and construct a phrase or sentence. The words that are written are quite difficult and varied, sometimes equivalent, sometimes not. It is possible that this phrase has more than one footprint but the surprise is that it is one. It doesn’t seem like it … but also, it seems … so, etc.

Conjunctions between sentences

Well it is two sentences but each sentence can stand alone. Being a conjunction only involves the two sentences that have become.