Javanese Cultural House Design is Extraordinary!

Javanese Cultural House Design is Extraordinary!

Pawonkidulan | Javanese cultural house design, otherwise known as Javanese customs houses, have a primary arrangement, such as a somewhat similar layout. But the difference between the social and economic status of the people.

Dutch colonial architecture contributes to the revitalization of Indonesian modern architecture in the 20th century.

The feature of the Javanese custom home is that it can withstand the heat and the heavy rain, but it does not even bring the wind inside.

Regardless of the structure of the Javanese people and their tradition, the traditional Javanese house design is made up of roofs, be it Village, Joglo, or Limasan.

Griya Kampung

The roof of the homestead is a custom for the general public. By structure, this is the simplest. There are four centerpieces which are supported by two additional layers.

Griya Limasan

The five-figure roof is used for Javanese families with higher social and economic status. The house is the most common.

Griya Joglo

The jungle roof is the most powerful and the most comfortable. Joglo has become a popular home for the nobility. Because building a home requires a lot of cash.

Bangunanipun Griya

limasan joglo kampung house design

Unlike the traditional Bali home, the Javanese homestead was built in the vicinity. The material for the fence is from the yard where the person belongs, or from wood and wood.

The Central Java custom house is made up of three main buildings, namely, a house, a hermitage, and an exterior.


Pendapa is the building in front of the courtyard. The place is for welcoming people, gatherings, and rituals.


Pringgitan is the place to connect the households with the house. The origin of the word comes from the ringgit or the movie. The ridge is a place for movie theater.


Omah or house is essentially the main house. It has a square or square shape.


Dalem is a closed building and is further to the south. In the model of the village house and in the limestone, it is used to distinguish between the front and the back. In the home, however, there are three more obstructions, including the front, middle, and back.

East side is for all family members’ workplaces. The middle part of the old days was for the ceremony of worship, the offering to the Goddess Sri, as well as the place for the marriage of men and women to the ceremony of fellowship.


Senthong is the backdrop of a house that is divided into three closed rooms. East side to save money and other agricultural produce. The west side is to store the equipment. It’s the middle of the mattress.

Kitchen and bathroom are outside. Well to the east. If you are going to build a house, the first thing that needs to be done is the well. Because the well holds water as a source of drainage.

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