R. Ng. Ranggawarsita, Serat Sabdajati (Part 2)

R. Ng. Ranggawarsita Serat Sabdajati (Part 2)

Pawonkidulan | Serat Sabdajati is a song written by R. Ng. Ranggawarsita, a great and last poet in the land of Java. This song is written in metrum Megatruh.

Nora kengguh mring pamardi reh rahayu,
ayuning tyas ipat kuping,
kinepung panggawe rusuh,
lali pasihaning Gusti,
ginuntingan kaya mernos.

(They do not look for the good, they lose their hearts (they lose it), then they are surrounded by evil deeds, and they forget the mercy of the Lord, as if a tree was shaved.)

Definition of words:
kengguh = ka + iguh = has not changed
pamardi = courtesy
pasihaning = love, mercy
mernos = cardboard

Parandene kabeh kang samya andulu,
ulap kelilipen wedhi,
akeh wong kang padha sujud,
kinira yen Jabarail,
kautus dening Hyang Manon.

(Though they did see it, their eyes were dimmed by sand. Many fell on their faces, thought to be the angel Gabriel sent by God).

Definition of words:
parandene = however
andulu = see

Yen kang uning marang sejatining kawruh,
kewuhan sajroning ati,
yen tan niru ora arus,
uripe kaesi-esi,
yen nirua dadi asor.

(When a person sees a scientific object, it becomes a curse in the heart, if it is not treated with disrespect, its life is ruined)

Definition of words:
uning = see
ora arus = not reviewed
kaesi-esi = wasted

Nora ngandel marang gaibing Hyang Agung,
anggelar sakalir-kalir,
kalamun temen tinemu,
kabegjane anekani,
kamurahaning Hyang Manon.

(They do not believe in the secret of God, who rules over everything (heaven and earth). If you are serious, you will find what you are striving for, happiness will come, then it is the goodness of the Almighty)

Definition of words:
anggelar = publish, broadcast
sakalir-kalir = everything (that is in heaven and on earth)

Anuhoni kabeh kang duwe panyuwun,
yen temen-temen sayekti,
Allah paring pitulung,
nora kurang sandhang bukti,
saciptanira kalakon.

(Listen to all who ask, if the request is complete, God will help. No less clothing and food. All his wishes came true)

Definition of words:
Anuhoni = keep your promise
sandhang bukti = food clothing
mukti = no less clothing
saciptanira = what they want