The Low-Cholesterol Snack for Delicious and Healthy Snacking

The Low-Cholesterol Snack for Delicious and Healthy Snacking
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Pawonkidulan | Low cholesterol snack is one of the foods that can help maintain cholesterol levels.

Consuming snacks is not really bad, but what snacks you eat will affect your body’s cholesterol levels.

For people with high cholesterol, every snack bite has an effect on cholesterol levels. Therefore, choosing and processing snacks is an obligation.

In fact, d ith elections snack good and healthy, snacking can help lower cholesterol levels. Choosing the right snack is the best key to carrying out a snacking hobby without worrying about cholesterol levels rising.

The following are low cholesterol snacks that can be your snack choices :

Avocado combined whole wheat bread

Avocados are a source of unsaturated fat, shown to reduce LDL cholesterol ( Low-Density Lipoprotein). Besides, avocado helps you get an adequate supply of fiber.

Each half of the avocado contains approximately 5 grams of fiber. Coupled with whole wheat bread’s fiber content, it makes the body’s need for fiber fulfilled.

A practical way to process this healthy snack is by baking bread. Then on top of the whole wheat bread, give the avocado slices. If you want to add flavor, add lemon juice and the like.

Nuts with healthy fat content

Nuts could be an option for snacking cholesterol patients. One of the nuts that can be relied on is almonds.

“Replacing artery-clogging saturated fat with healthy monounsaturated-fats almonds not only lowers LDL cholesterol but is also an ideal strategy to prevent LDL from oxidizing,” said Janet Bond Brill, a nutritionist. She focuses on heart problems and cholesterol.

To snack on nuts such as almonds, the snack portion must be consistent every day. Because almonds have high-calorie content.

For example, you should eat 24 almonds per day.

Edamame stew

Edamame is a low cholesterol snack with the most effortless processing. Just boil it, then add a little salt, and it’s ready to be your meal.

Edamame has several right nutrients, such as fiber and saturated fat.

“Edamame is an excellent source of nutrients and antioxidants and is a great food for your diet program,” said Mascha Davis, a diet consultant from the United States.

Apart from being boiled, edamame can also be roasted with, at a minimum, a mixture of vinegar and salt.

The three light snacks above can be the best choice for cholesterol sufferers to prevent cholesterol increases while still pursuing a snacking hobby.